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High Heels look great and are definitely sexy. The problem is walking on them without suffering an injury. Medical Health Reports statistics show there are more women visiting the emergency room with a leg, ankle or foot injury from wearing High Heels. That’s not to say any of the other injuries caused by falling off the shoes. Broken arms, hands, and faces just to name a few. [Read More] Injuries from high heels on the rise


Granny Panties or Thongs

Now I know the world is screwed up. Medical Health Reports I don’t know any guy that would want to see a hot chick in Granny Panties. That is got to be one of the biggest turn offs. Now if the girl is a flabby Abby then please put on the grannies but if you have tight buns please wear thong underwear for your man. You’ll get more out of him and it will be healthier for you. The thongs will give you more breathing room in turn has got to be healthier physically and mentally.



 Mens junk

Why Can’t Men Leave Their Junk Alone

There is 6 Reasons why a man grabs his package and we don’t care where we are when we scratch.


Great medical care doesn’t matter if doctors and hospitals fail to adequately advise and care for patients once they leave the hospital, writes Susan Gubar in Living with Cancer.
The Real Truth and Lies About Living With Cancer

Great medical care doesn’t matter if doctors and hospitals fail to adequately advise and

care for patients once they leave the hospital, writes Susan Gubar in Living with Cancer.Read more…


Double up glove and gowns

Gloves and gowns do not protect against MRSA

Researchers have actually found that wearing gloves and gowns in extensive care systems does not minimize  acquiring MRSA or VRE…

Women Walking to Prevent Breast Cancer

Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Ladies who stay active after menopause could decrease their danger of breast cancer. New study  reveals that women…

Women getting kidney stones

 The Best Soda To Fight Kidney Stones

Drinking a lot of water seems to be the most helpful in preventing these extremely painful…


carrie underwood fell

 Carrie Underwood Falls on Butt: Ends Up With Numb Toes

Carrie Underwood Falls off stage and keeps on singing. What a gutsy girl. As she took a butt bounce on stage, she continued…



 “Prancercise” Funny Horse Dance Workout

An alternative to exercising at the gym “Prancercise” funny horse dance workout is…

 I just pooped in the pool

Poop Found In Public Swimming Pools “Don’t Swallow The Water”

The summer swimming season is here. Many families visit both indoor and outdoor pools to cool off on those hot summer days. Did you know you might be swimming in poopy water?


pepper butt

“Cinnamon Challenge” What Idiot Thought Of This?

“Hot Pepper Challenge” A hot pepper stuffed up your butt to see who can hold it the longest without sitting IN the toilet.(now that would be a good video)

pants down

Dial 911 for Emergencies Only

Know when it’s an emergency and don’t get caught…


pubic hair removal

 Pubic Hair Removal Causes Sexually Transmitted Viral Infection

Women who wax or shave their swimwear line are a lot more most likely to experience a sexually transmitted infection.

drinking green coffee

Green Tea and Coffee More Than Just Calorie Killers

Two -Three cups a day showed a 32 percent lower chance of having an intracerebral hemorrhage, a type of stroke when…


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