New Medical Health Breakthrough! “No More Cavities”

Keep 32 a new chemical was able to get rid of all the bacteria that causes cavities. Two Dentists developed it.  You would think they would keep it off the market because it will cut into their business. I think Dentists will  just charge more for other services. This new medical health breakthrough, Medical Health Reports no more cavities ever again using Keep 32 will be mixed in with dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash. Sealants are what is used now. It is expensive and needs to be done periodically at the dentists office. I know kids are going to love not having their mouth shot up with Novocain and having a tooth drilled. Definitely better for overall oral hygiene.

Can a newly-discovered chemical eliminate cavities? – Fox News

CBS NewsCan a newly-discovered chemical eliminate cavities?Fox NewsScientists report they may have discovered a chemical that makes teeth cavity-proof, potentially eliminating the need for costly and painful fillings in the future. But can a chemical …

Kissing Causing Cavities? | Majic 102.3


A gorgeous smile may be harboring an infected mouth full of bacteria, gum disease and cavities that can be transmitted through kissing. So before you pucker up, a quick check for halitosis and swollen gums may be all you

Missing Teeth, Cavities Common in U.S. | FYI BeHealthy


Missing Teeth, Cavities Common in U.S.. There are fewer cavities in the United States today than there were two decades ago, the CDC reports, but not every population group has shown the same amount of improvement.

New Chemical Could Mean the End of Cavities, Dental Visits

Keep 32, a new chemical developed by researchers in Chile could be our best answer to cavity control, ultimately defeating them! The researchers are confident that the new product, once put into toothpaste, mouthwash or gum could destroy all the bact…

No more cavities is a medical health breakthrough.

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