Semen: Homemade Cure For Women With the Blues…?

Researchers medical health study showed women who swallowed semen regularly and had sexual intercourse without using a condom are in a better mood than women who abstain. There are more benefits for women who ingest it. It has anti-aging properties reportedly increased life expectancy in women by 35%. It also gives you flawless skin. You can now add semen to one of your home remedy products. Yes, semen according to a new research, has anti aging properties and women have a better chance at maintaining the quality of their skin. In fact, Medical Health Reports ingesting semen also boosts immunity and makes women healthier. The mood-altering chemicals benefit mental, physical women’s health, skin completion, induce sleep, contains at least three anti-depressants and maintaining your weigh. Women not using semen will be prone to depression, weight gain and wrinkles whether ingested orally or vaginally.

Semen cure depression in women according to Studies ~ El mundo


Semen cure depression in women according to Studies. Study says contains antidepressant substances as cortisol, estrone and oxytocin. According to some researchers the substances that make sperm may promote

Sorry Guys, Just Because One Study Claims That Semen Cures


Sorry Guys, Just Because One Study Claims That Semen Cures Women’s Depression Doesn’t Mean It’s True. The headlines were provocative: Semen cures depression! But the study is 10 years old, and far from conclusive.

Study: Oral Sex Cures Morning Sickness « CBS DC


Gallup says in his findings that the woman’s body will initially reject the father’s semen as an infection and react to it by vomiting. Gallup says the best cure for morning sickness is to ingest the father’s semen so her body can

Women’s Issues in Mental Health – Dr. Neil S. Kaye

“Psychiatry: Ask the Expert” with Dr. Neil S. Kaye Dr Kaye, and guest Jay Birch have aired a series of specialty call-in radio programs focusing on the clinical aspects of mental health and psychiatry. These programs are archived here for reference a…


Scientist Says (Oral Sex) “Semen Is ‘Good For Women’s Health And Helps Fight Depression’

Thursday, September 20, 2012 2:01:51 PM

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